Getting Audited

Getting Audited?

It is not uncommon to disagree with the results proposed by an auditor. You may feel like the auditor hasn’t correctly verified your income or expenses. One common example is missing receipts or unidentified deposits.

Sometimes you may not be able to provide all the information required even if you do have legitimate expenses. In some cases the Canada Revenue Agency will use the net worth assessment method and propose an assessment that is not based on your income or expenses but instead based upon your personal living situation.

This is an unreliable audit method and is only to be used as a last resort. We provide both audit and appeal representation. We will work with the auditor at our office away from your place of business. We make sure the auditor assesses you in a reasonable manner as outlined by the Income Tax Act and Excise Tax Act.

If you disagree with the proposed adjustments we will also undergo an appeal on your behalf. This stops the collection of all income taxes related to the assessment until the issue is resolved.

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It took our firm three years to win this objection. The client was very happy; the auditor – not so happy.

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