Penalties and Interest Relief

Penalties and Interest Relief

Under the Taxpayer Relief Provision (Section 223)

Notice: If you are seeking taxpayer relief back to 2010 it must be filed before the end of December 2020. Call: (403) 251-5925

CRA interest arrears relief tax consultants
Here is an example of the results we can achieve for Interest Relief. Our client got 10-years of CRA interest removed after we worked with the CRA on their file. (Click image to see the official letter from the CRA).

In today’s world we are seeing more and more people unable to deal with their day to day problems due to depression. Many of our clients were unable to deal with their financial obligations because they had more pressing concerns in their life such as:

– Dealing with the death of a family member
– Medical Illnesses
– Addictions
– Circumstances beyond their control.

Even if the burden of penalties and interest are putting you into financial hardship we may be able to provide relief. Undergoing a taxpayer relief application with our firm may remove all the interest and penalties on an outstanding tax debt. It may even get you credit for all the interest that you have paid. This can significantly reduce your overall tax debt and makes it much easier to enter into a payment arrangement for the remaining debt.