CRA Collection Policy Calgary

CRA Collection Policy

Keep your Tax Options Open with the CRA

CRA Collection Policy CalgaryThe most common thing we tell our clients during our first meeting is “I wish you had come see us a year ago.”

Most of our clients who have serious tax problems, had simple tax problems a year or two ago. Whether it is procrastination, anxiety, or financial hardship these tax problems don’t get addressed until they are at a critical stage. Once at this critical stage our options with CRA become very limited.

There are many options in how to deal with unfair assessments or collection action. Most of these options have very specific time limits. The CRA bets on the tax debtor not being informed enough to act in time.

Real words from a CRA employee:  “I agree that your client probably doesn’t owe us anything, but the system says that they do.  We don’t have any way to change that.”

Even though this is completely unfair, it is often legally correct.

 Don’t wait until it is to late book your free consultation today or send us a message and see what your options are.