Up to 224 people have fallen victim to a tax scam in Western Canada

Western Canada Tax Scam

This story was just published by the CBC. Up to 224 people have fallen victim to a tax scam where $192 million in fake expenses were submitted to the CRA. The perpetrator of the fraud served jail time but now the CRA is going after the victims.

The CRA claimed Stancer and LaValley submitted more than $192 million in fake expenses on behalf of their clients in a bid to obtain nearly $10 million in refunds. News reports of Stancer’s sentencing said only about $53,000 was paid out.

“These people didn’t even see the benefits. In other words, the CRA was well aware of what was going on. They caught it, they put a stop to it, but they went ahead and applied penalties anyway,” says Pniowsky.

If you suspect a person or agency has filed false claims on your behalf, contact us immediately – we may be able to help you.


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